Friday, October 28, 2011

Vinatge Guerciotti: Sold!

                                                    The pictures speak for themselves.

If you are local to the San Fransisco Bay Area, e-mail

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finished Project: Mikkelsen track frame

This Columbus steel track frame (54cm) was custom fabricated and welded by Bernie Mikkelsen of alameda. He charges around $1200 for a custom bike. Mikkelsen is an artist in his own right, and makes some of the best custom frames in northern california.

(yes, that's my cat in the background)

This frame definitely has its battle scars.
Applying chemical paint stripper.
use chemical resistant gloves, this stuff BURNS.........Trust me I know.


Seatstays are fillet brazed to to the seat-tube, oooh yeah.

I used steel detail brushes along with the chemical stripper to remove the stubborn areas of paint.

primer time!

 getting ready for paint!

                                                                 Time to paint!
 DupliColor Jet Black being applied with a HVLP touch up gun.
 5-10 min between coats..........waiting is not fun.
 another coat.

All done!

Ridden Treausre

Welcome to the official website (well, blog actually) of Ridden Treasure Bicycles. Ridden Treasure is homegrown used bicycle project the pledges to utilize 100% used/recycled bicycle frames to restore the vintage bikes of old. We focus mainly on vintage road and track bikes, but were open to just about any other style of bicycle.

   What you’ll find here:
·         Detailed timelines of bicycle restoration projects (yes, hi-res pictures too!)
·         What items are up for sale
·         History/information on vintage bikes.
·         DIY bike restoration and repair
·         Reviews on bikes and parts
·         And much more!

Don’t forget to check out the facebook Page too!

T. Kifle