Friday, January 6, 2012

Vitus 979.

  I happened to stumble upon this Vitus 979 while browsing online ad lsitings. The bike was listed as a Vintage Campagnolo 14-speed Road Bike 70s?, and info in the ad was lacking to say the least, and the picutres were clear but not great. The ad read something like this:
Vintage Campagnolo road bike. I don't know the year it was manufactured; this style was popular in the late '60s and early '70s, so I put "1970" as the model year.
Frame has "Paris Sport" in slight contrasting paint. Brake calipers say "Campagnolo."
This bike is nearly completely stock:

So after doing some homework I discovered the bike was actually a Paris Sport Branded Vitus 979, equipped with a full Campagnolo victory group. Without hesitation, we hopped in the car and drove two hours to pick up the bike. We ended up in a very, very.....very affluent area. Turns out the seller was a very polite, elderly gentlemen who could no longer make use of the bike. The vitus was very well kept, but had a layer of dust covering its aluminum luster. A nice bike wash, and little polish made it shine like new. See for yourself!

The vitus rode like a dream (for me at least). Most people find the vitus too "flexible" to ride with confidence; but myself, being 130lbs at 6'3 found it easy and comfortable to ride.

               read more about paris sport here:

                                           The vitus sold in auction for $1,000 on ebay.
See the full album here: